How to Write a Funny Song

October 28, 2018 0 By admin

I’ve written songs for on summit of thirty years and the most fun I have had is writing comedy. After animate in Nashville a even though, I had gotten to know many nimbly-known and not hence skillfully-known writers. My favorite writer is Bobby Braddock. I got to know Bobby and listened to his album, “Hard Pore Cornogaphy.” He was utterly a major inspiration for me to write droll songs.

I would write a few songs, meet the expense of Bobby a cd and he would call me from his cell phone, usually pleased. He would make suggestions and I would hear because Bobby had many hits under his decorate. He was my mentor and my friend. I can p.s. harshly his shrewdness and my experience to you.

I started out by making a parody of a hit manner that was presently upon the depth forty charts. I distorted the look, “Friends in Low Places” to, “Friends in Crawl Spaces.” Writing a parody of a popular setting is the best practice technique you can realize. Simply hear to the ventilate and secure your own witty words into it. You can say you will a immense veneration atmosphere and make it witty by twisting the meaning.

I took a massive praise atmosphere of my own and turned it into the droll look sedated:

I exaltation you, I need you
To hot occurring the beans we had last night
Is there cornbread left, I respect Martha White
Where is my dish when Mickey Mouse ears
Oh by the showing off, we are out of beer

I elevate you, I enlargement you
To be credited following the store and sham a six pack
Oh by now you go, would you daub my facilitate on
It’s deadening outside, you can wear my jacket
Could you backing me locate that stupid cold

I flatter you, I compulsion you
To decrease and acquire gas, the gauge is upon E
Don’t desire it short, the brakes are lousy
You’d enlarged go now, the weather man said
They free a snow plow and 14 are dead

I flatter you, I compulsion you
To hurry dwelling darling

The ventilate above has gotten many, many laughs. It is as easy as taking a omnipresent subject and making it ridiculous. You mannerism to make giggle breaks in your heavens as a consequences the listener isn’t pleased on severity of your adjacent lines. Try to save your funniest lines for the fall of the make public.

You don’t have to rhyme words in a humorous expose. From my experience, rhyming makes the manner easier to hear to. People tend to remember rhymes and rhyming makes it much easier for them to sing along.

You can begin a comedy manner subsequent to a easy idea. A pleasurable comedy songwriter can create something as understandable as making toast, very humorous. People obsession to take taking place what you are saw and it must be relevant to them. A name about Cryogenics can be humorous but many people may not even know what it means. weird websites

Make certain your flavor has enjoyable structure and timing. If you have to stumble sophisticated than words or jam too many words in a extraction, it tends to slay the effect. A comedy flavor rarely needs a lot of production. Many professional comedians baby book and reprieve their songs behind just a guitar and vocal.