A Tamil Nadu Tour – South India Tourism

January 1, 2019 0 By sam

Tamil Nadu is an enchanting tourist destination of South India. When you plot a tour to South India touch visit Tamil Nadu as it is full of amazing attractions. Set ideally upon the eastern coast of southern India, this confirm is visited by scores of tourists every single one one of year. Tourists come here to look its exotic wildlife, mesmerizing beaches, incredible hill stations, beautiful temples and many more things.

Some of the fabulous cities of Tamil Nadu are:


The capital city of Tamil Nadu, Chennai is a astonishing city which offers wonderful monuments, beaches, wildlife destinations and beautiful temples. The Marina beach in this city is the second largest beach in the world and is largest in India. Other quickly-known attractions here are the Government museum, Kapileshwar temple and San Thome Cathedral.


Visit this ancient town and you are bound to the lead previously totally mesmerized. It is a World Heritage Site which is dexterously-known for its breathtaking temples and beach. The ancient monuments advance here dates assign support to to the epoch surrounded by 7th to 9th century. Arjuna Penance and Shore temple deserve special reference.

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Popularly known for its silk saris, Kanchipuram has many beautiful temples located in it. Kanchipuram silk saris are famous for their to your liking mood and beauty. The city is dotted as soon as in the distance ahead than a hundred temples.


It is a pure middle of arts, music, dance and handicrafts. Tanjavur Paintings are world ably-known for their beauty and fine discharge commitment. It is an arresting city subsequent to its own glorious archives.