Specialty Strollers

January 24, 2018 0 By admin

Joggers: First, we don’t recommend them unless you’re actually going to jog or walk recreationally with one. They look cool, but they’re big, heavy, hard to turn, and often impossible to fold. The only reason you may want one aside from jogging is if you take your baby on trails or rough terrain. Because they have big bike wheels, joggers give smooth rides over bumps.

Umbrella strollers: You can get these dirt cheap, and that’s great. Still look for JPMA certification, which means a stroller has been tested for stability, among other things.

Double strollers: If you have twins, a double is a necessity. If you have an older child and a baby, however, you may not use a double as often as you think. They’re big and awkward and it’s often easier to push the kids in separate strollers, have the older child walk, or carry the baby strapped to you while you push the older one. If you’re buying a double stroller, side-by-side models are not too heavy and some have seats that fold all the way down for newborns. The front-to-back ones are bulkier but can often accommodate car seats, a nice feature. It’s a toss-up!


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