Medical professional Rajeev Gupta is experienced as medical practitioner in 1981 doing MBBS and have done post-graduation MARYLAND in paediatrics. I have practised medicine for many years before realising that there is more probable in medical science for healing than just dealing with medicines. He has realised that there is more in dealing people than talking as a doctor. He has recently been doing MRCP (UK) and FRCPCH and have recently been practising as Consultant in National Health Service (NHS).

He has then learned that there a goal for folks to be motivated in direction of their goal and my understanding of neurology and neurobehaviour can help me in developing it further. This individual has therefore done a training qualification and has done Mastery University of Tony Robbins who has been my inspiratiion and coach. He was encouraged to be different also to make any difference in life of other people, let them feel better by words, conduct and actions.

Dr Rajeev Gupta  had possibility to have training on NLP by Steve Linder who is head crew of Tony Robbins master situations, the most popular event being “Unleash The Electricity With In”. Steve has his style, and working with him he has developed his own style which is unique and has scientific foundation.

Having attended the pilot course on “Words that change Mind”, he started involving and has been successful in having the ability to influence many people near his life. He believes that it is a challenge but if they can do it, you can do it.

He has done in depth study of communication skills and styles, and just how communication influence activities (your own and of men and women around you). His model of communication in medical field has been posted in British Medical Diary career focus. He has run body language workshop where people feel instant change in approach and a very good rapport for impacting on actions.

He has also done in depth research of and has recently been trained in emotional brains assessment using EQi and MSCEIT and many other tools for coaching including traditional tools. He has developed an unique strategy which has strands from NLP, Emotional Intelligence, TonyRobbin’s Mastery University, Medical scientific research and private experience for a very effective 3 Dimensional neuro-emotional coaching. This kind of empower the person to deal with day by day clashes and emotions, eradicates profound embedded fears and colon cleanser the inside to give a new feel. You feel energised to obtain your goal!

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