Instagram strategy takeaway:

January 25, 2018 0 By admin

Whether videos will outperform images on Instagram will depend on each brand’s followers. The best you can do is to experiment with videos and compare their performance with your image posts. Your data will tell you which content type your followers like more.

When News Whip studied the top 20 publishers that post the most engaging Instagram videos, they found that the average video length is 30 seconds. This can be a great starting point when you are creating your videos. Here are the other tips that News Whip shared:

  1. Use relatable or pop culture memes relevant to your audience
  2. Show your viewers something they wouldn’t see every day
  3. Capture action-packed feats, stunts, or sports
  4. Offer inside peeks to celebrities or athletes
  5. Play around with appetizing collages or animations
  6. Focus on heartwarming stories

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