How to Solve the MetaWeblog NewPost Error When Posting to Joomla With Windows Live Writer Via XMLRPC

While atmosphere going on my Joomla website, I wanted to grow blog functionality therefore that I could codicil tutorials and articles straight from my desktop rather than always having to publicize from the frontend or administrative backend of my Joomla site. As I am using Joomla 1.5 CMS, which doesn’t have indigenous blogging integrated, I hunted on for an extension that would solve this tiny setback. I finally found and settled virtually Movable Type API. It installed flawlessly and integrated seamlessly in the middle of Windows Live Writer which is portion of the Windows Live Essentials tools and arguably one of the best desktop blogging tools understandable. With both the “Movable Type API” plugin installed, XMLRPC facilities enabled in my Joomla Global Configurations and Windows Live Writer supervision, I thought I was ready to begin writing and publishing articles. However, I started getting the when error related to infuriating to pronounce from Live Writer to the site:

The appreciation to the metaWeblog.newPost method period-lucky from the blog server was void: Invalid admission document returned from XmlRpc server.

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I scoured the Internet for a unconditional, every one of which required some modification of htaccess files or xmlrpc.php files and none of which were specifically for Movable Type or Joomla – as most bloggers use WordPress or in this area it. As it turns out, no complicated hack was required as this error occurs following attempting to state an article that contains images. To precise the shackle, you will obsession to configure the proper settings in Windows Live Writer to use FTP to handle your image transfers.

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