How to find your impression share numbers

To turn on this particular metric inside your AdWords account, be sure you’re in “Campaigns.” On the far right underneath the graph is an icon with three vertical bars called “Columns.” Click it and select “Competitive Metrics” and add the following three columns to your stats: “Search Impression Share,” “Search lost IS (budget),” and “Search lost IS (rank).”

Your impression share number will be a percentage that indicates how close you are to being seen 100 percent of the time. So if your impression share is 50 percent, this means you’re only being seen half the time you could be. In this case, if you’re receiving 1,000 impressions a day on a particular keyword, a 50 percent score means there are up to 1,000¬†additional¬†impressions available to you on any given day — provided you can make the right improvements to your campaign.

“Impression Share lost due to budget” is simple to understand and fix. Let’s say your daily budget is $10 but there are actually $100 worth of clicks available out there every day. Your impression share in this case will never exceed 10 percent, and the reports will probably tell you that your impression share lost due to budget is 90 percent.

“Impression share lost due to rank” is a bit more complex and involves a number of elements. Impression share is a fantastically simple way of seeing how often your ads are showing, but it’s also a quick measure of how Google perceives the quality of your campaign and the potential that exists to increase your profits.


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