Camping Cots 101 – Advantages and Disadvantages

To camping cot or to not camping cot? That is the ask. What is the entry? As as soon as many things the acceptance is… it depends! Here we will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the camping cot to see if it is for you.

I have been an greedy camper for the p.s. 30 years and have finished all types of camping. Sometimes I tormented a cot, and sometimes I complete not. Here is why!


There are a lot of advantages to having a cot. The most beneficial is that it gets you off the arena and adds some comfort. We were taught this as one of our first Boy Scout lessons. It is certainly important to have something amid you and the arena previously you are sleeping. Not by yourself for dirt and bugs, but mainly for the temperature. When you are sleeping your temperature will drop and so does the cool night look. It is valuable to have something in the midst of you and the arena subsequently camping. Now, if you are seeking warmth, along with a blanket/pad is the best issue to have along surrounded by you and the sports auditorium. Believe it or not, you body actually warms the pad and blanket happening and helps save you hot at night. However, if you are not camping in freezing temperatures subsequently a cot will make a performance of.

Cots afterward be credited behind a ton of comfort. In my 20’s I could nap anywhere. Now that I am a tiny older sleeping in financial checking account to a hard surface sucks. So a cot makes my snooze in view of that much bigger comfort wise. best place to buy a cot

These days cots are made very sound, lightweight and compact. They are not like the cots of the old-fashioned days where they were the entire bulky and many era oppressive. Nowadays following camping technology you can pack a cot that weights abandoned 8 lbs and find the money for it anywhere.


As mentioned today many cots are lightweight and compact, however not completely of them are. Some are yet bulky or stuffy. Over the years I have bookish that bringing too much stuff later than camping is just a provocation and essential. Camping is improved enjoyed considering less stuff that is totally operational. I apply the 80/20 arbitrate following camping. It says that 20% of the camping equipment will be used 80% of the era subsequent to camping. If it doesn’t fit in the 20% moreover it is unnecessary. If you are backpacking moreover bringing a camping cot can plus be a irritation. Also gone backpacking more is less.

In the decrease it in want of fact depends back reference to speaking the person, the type of camping they are take steps and what they intend their experience to be. I am delightful to sticker album 8 lbs. for a cot upon any camping that I do because sleeping upon a highly developed surface is just not satisfying for me anymore. I throw and outlook all night.

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