The Benefits of Blog Commenting

You may have heard that blog commenting is no longer an effective marketing or SEO tactic, but that is simply not true. Whilst poor quality blog comments have given blog commenting a bad reputation, well placed comments on blogs will generate brand awareness for a website, bring traffic, and it will improve search engine rankings. If you thought that blog commenting was of no use to your website, here are the main benefits that you can gain from a high quality blog commenting campaign.



Blog comments provide you with the opportunity to add more credibility to your website. A meaningful blog comment placed on a blog within your niche will demonstrate your knowledge and your expertise within that niche and that will help to gain the trust of potential visitors to your site.


Comments left on high profile, high traffic blogs will invariably bring more traffic to your site. People are naturally curious, so they will click on a link in a blog comment to find out more about the person who left the comment and that means more people visiting your website.

Brand Awareness

Half the battle with any type of website is simply getting your name known. Blog commenting gets the name of your website out there and the more people see that name, the more people will come to trust it. Even if people don’t click on the link in a blog comment the first time they see it, the next time they see the name, they will recognise it, and then they will be more likely to follow the link to your website the second time around.


Blog commenting is the number one way to build natural, quality links to your website. Most blogs allow you to either place a link within your comment, or they provide a place for you to add your link. Not all blog comment links are “do follow”, but both “do follow” and “no follow” links are important in SEO and a mixture of both types of links looks far more natural to the search engines.

Creates a discussion

A secondary benefit of blog commenting is that a comment can lead to discussion, which will lead to even more people becoming aware of your web site. Once a blog comment has been approved and published, it should be there for years, generating brand awareness and bringing traffic to your site.

Builds relationships

Blog commenting also shows that there is a human being behind the website and that can help you build relationships with other publishers within your niche. A well placed comment on a blog might get the attention of an important influencer who might then respond to your comment or even mention your website elsewhere.

Blog commenting can be an invaluable tool for building awareness, generating traffic, and improving search engine ranking. It does, however, need to be done consistently and regularly for it to have a real impact because people tend to look the latest comments rather than scroll down to the older ones.

Unfortunately, the effectiveness of blog commenting is quite hard to quantify, and that’s why many people overlook it. When used as a part of a good SEO campaign, though, there is no doubt that blog commenting still has a very important part to play in promoting a website.




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